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Daniel Ostrow

The artist’s last partner, the psychotherapist Daniel Ostrow, has preserved Aulerich-Sugai’s paintings, archive, studio, and garden.

Ostrow had a career in hospital ambulatory care spanning 32 years. He established the first publicly funded HIV primary and subspecialty care clinic at a private medical center in San Francisco. He also co-designed and directed the first rehabilitation unit for people with severe AIDS-related dementia in the United States. His approach to his work was influenced by his relationship with Aulerich-Sugai, developing a deep understanding of the effect of life threatening illness. He addressed this interplay in a keynote, “Approaches to Caregiving: Professional and Personal Perspectives” at The Fifth International Conference on Social Work and AIDS in 1993.

Ostrow also contributed a chapter entitled "The Emergence of Social Workers in the AIDS Epidemic: SWAN—Social Work AIDS Network, San Francisco" to the book A History of AIDS Social Work in Hospitals, edited by Willinger & Rice.